Top Places to Visit in Norway

This weekend I’m off to a land where most people don’t want to be this time of year–the land of the cold. Packing layers and donning sweaters is me in my element, though, so I couldn’t be more stoked. Plus, apparently there’s a whole town full of my relatives, so my mom and I are taking a soul-searching, life-affirming vacation to explore the depths of our familial history. Quite the emotions. So, in honor of our Norway trek, I decided to ask some awesome bloggers what their favorite spots are in Norway. I’ll learn something and you’ll learn something. Maybe you’ll find these places on your next trip.


Old Lærdalsøyri Village


Tracy says: “Visiting Laerdal with its Old Lærdalsøyri Village which has 161 protected buildings. Some of them date back to the mid-18th century. It’s a beautiful place.”



David says, “Hidden away in the fragmented coastline of central Norway lies the picturesque gem of Alesund. This city surrounded by islands and fjords boasts not only beautiful landscapes, but some of the country’s most exquisite architecture. Here, wonderful art nouveau buildings line the waterfront really just putting Alesund over the top as one of Norway’s most scenic spots.”



“The village of Olden is a beautiful and stunning place to wander,” Paul and Carole say. “Olden is located at the inner end of the Nordfjord, and is characterized by varied and dramatic scenery. Peaceful valleys lie in contrast to gleaming glaciers, foaming waterfalls and towering mountains. Olden is the gateway to the Jostedal Glacier, the largest glacier on the European mainland…23 miles away, and old Viking burial mounds can also be found in the surrounding areas.”



The Village of Tranøy

Mari Longva Hanssen, a local says, “[The outdoor art exhibit seen above] changes every year, and they also have several other pieces of art scattered around this lovely community, as well as a lovely bakery, chapel and light house that are well worth a visit. You also have a view of the Lofoten Wall mountain range from Tranøy.” The first picture is of “The Royal Family’s sailboat outside Tranøy, as the queen visited the area. Tilthornet mountain in the background.”

Mari raves about Norway in general, in case you were iffy on whether or not you want to visit. “I think what I love the most about Norway is the fjords and the mountains and how spectacular they are! To hike and get these magnificent views over endless peaks and fjords or oceans is so satisfying. And also challenging, as many hikes are rather steep. You feel so alive and get away from the everyday hustle and bustle. It is pure therapy for the soul.”

She had numerous amazing pictures and places to share, but with a goal to narrow it down to one place per person, I have to leave it to your imagination.

*The pictures are from Mari’s husband, Frode Longva Hanssen.